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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gray walls and a coconut monkey.

The living room/dining room walls are finished and I could not be happier with my color choice.

It is the perfect neutral gray.  I took my custom-mixed swatch to Sherwin-Williams to either see if I could find something that was close or to have them custom-mix some paint.  

It turned out that SW 7649 Silverplate was pretty much the same.  So I took home 2 gallons and got to work ... a week later.  Because, life.  

I just love love love it.

You can still see a bit of peachy-beige peeking out above the base-molding, The carpet is going to be ripped out and we'll do something with the floors, so because we'll have to remove the molding anyway, I just painted almost down to it.  

It's insanely refreshing to have one tiny corner of the house looking slightly put-together!   Curtains, furniture, and even a few fall decorations make it feel so much more like home.

Especially the coconut monkey.  He knocks it all outta the park.  

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  1. OMG! I love it!! It's beautiful! And I love your new blog design...ummm how late am I on seeing it?? :-/ Hope your little darling self is doing good! I heart you!


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