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Friday, January 30, 2015

Tastes change. In ice cream AND in paint colors.

Isn't it funny how our tastes change over time?   I mean, butter pecan ice cream used to remind me of my Grama, because she loooooooves some butter pecan.  But now?  It's my ice cream of choice. Maybe that means I'm getting old?  Oh well. 

 Anyway .... let's talk paint.  One thing we noticed while getting our old house ready to sell, was just how different the color palette is from our new house.

When we moved into our first home, we knew that we would repaint every single wall.  And we would do so rather quickly.  We had a nice double income, no kids, and oodles of time to make it our own!

That house was built in 1930 and had beautiful, original wood trim throughout.  The colors we chose were deep, rich, and cozy.  They looked gorgeous against the wood trim and I just LOVED choosing a new color for each room, often choosing several colors.  

When I compare these colors to everything that I've put into our current home so far (and those that I'm planning on using!), I can't help but notice how insanely different they are!  The thing I really, really love about our current home is how much light shines in through the giant windows.  The house is newer, open concept, the trim is all white, and I just cannot bear the thought of putting a dark, cozy color on the walls.  I want light, bright, neutral colors - grays, greiges, blues, aquas, and whites.

While the difference in trim colors and the age of the home definitely make a difference in color choices, I think a lot of it has to do with a simple change in tastes and design style.

I love the airy quality that these paint colors bring to an already light and bright home.  And yet, I try really hard to make sure that the colors still bring a cozy quality.  Sherwin-Williams Silverplate was perfect for achieving this in the Living Room/Dining Room.  

Even interior rooms with no natural light feel fresh and homey with the right colors.  I love the color of our half bathroom (Pantone Illusion Blue) for that very reason.  

The family room gets the most light of any in the house, and also has the tallest ceiling, so I wanted something airy, yet cozy.  Sherwin-Williams Aqua-Sphere (tinted at 50%) was exactly what I was going for.  Since this photo was taken, we installed new flooring, have a new rug, and changed up the look of the fireplace.  And we rearranged the furniture.  Maybe I'll try to rid the room of toys and clothes today so that I can take a new photo.

The point?  It's so much fun to compare colors.  Admittedly, I'm a color person, but I think it's so interesting that the style, size, etc of a home can affect the colors you choose.  And beyond that, tastes and preferences change throughout the years!  Funny how a coat of paint can change to feel of it all.

Have you rolled any paint onto the walls in your home lately?

Old House

Shoreline Haze - Valspar - 6008-1B
Drumskin - Valspar - 7003-10
Ginger Spice - Valspar - retired color
Smooth Pebble - Valspar - retired color
Filoli Ballroom - Valspar - 5005-4A
Green Peppercorn - Valspar - 5005-4B
Enchanted Navy - Valspar - 4010-8
Gravity - Valspar - 4005-1B
Fired Earth - Valspar - 6011-1
LaFonda Geranium Red - Valspar - 1010-4
Boysenberry - Valspar Signature - CI129

Faint Maple - Valspar - 2008-9C

New House

Silverplate - Sherwin Williams - 7649
Aqua-Sphere (tinted @ 50%) - Sherwin Williams - 7613
Tinsmith - Sherwin Williams - 7657
Pantone Illusion Blue - Valspar - PN8010
Blue Coal - Valspar - 4011-3
Crucible - Valspar - 4006-2B
Watery - Sherwin Williams - 6478
Lattice - Sherwin Williams - 7654
Naval - Sherwin Williams - 6244

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