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Friday, February 6, 2015

Live life ... together.

You may or may not know this, but I am a Mary & Martha Consultant.  I've mentioned it here on the blog before, but I try not to jam it down anyone's throat.  Truth be told, I'm a horrible salesperson.  But the messages Mary & Martha bring to consultants and customers is a beautiful one.  I wanted to share this newsletter I recently sent to my customers, as it speaks to something else I'm not very good at - opening my home to others. I love to get together with friends, but seldom feel that my house is in "good enough" condition to invite people in.  This newsletter explains a bit more about my goal to conquer these insecurities!  Please enjoy! 

When was the last time that you invited someone into your home?
  I'm not talking about your family, your best friend, or anyone who you wouldn't mind seeing your dirty laundry.  I'm talking about those people in your life who you always mean to spend more time with, but never invite over for coffee.  

You know, because you tell yourself you'll invite them after you tackle the giant pile of laundry that's spilling out of the laundry room.  Or after your husband finally gets around to putting up the new baseboards in the family room.  Or after you save enough money to remodel the kitchen because it's just not good enough for company.  Yes, these are all excuses that I have used at one point or another in my life.  (Alright, in the last week!)
But you know what?  I'm ready to change that.  I'm ready to invite people in.


I'm going to tone down my inner "Martha" (mine is kind of a loud mouth) and channel my inner "Mary".

I'm going to quit worrying about the missing baseboards and the really dysfunctional kitchen.  I'm going to take a minute to vacuum up the dog hair, throw in another load of laundry, and shove the rest of it into the laundry room ... an
d close the door.  I'm going to make some coffee, pour it into my mismatched mugs and serve it to friends.

And then?  I'm going to enjoy myself.

That's the beauty of the story of Mary and Martha in the bible and of the message we share here with Mary & Martha.  Stop fussing.  Love others by welcoming them, serving them, and finally, being with them

​So why am I telling you all of this?  No, I'm not going to tell you that buying Mary & Martha products will make it easier to entertain.  Prettier?  Yes.  Simpler?  Maybe. Really, really easy?  No.  (Except for the paper bakeware.  That is legitimately easier. I mean, who likes washing dishes??  Not this girl!)
For me, it's the messages.  The messages of Mary & Martha products remind us of God's love for us and of the love that we share with one another.  They are simple, yet powerful messages. 
I hope that you will join me on this journey of opening our homes to others.  If that means that you would like to host a Mary & Martha Gathering, please let me know.  It'll be the easiest "party" you ever throw.  Pinky swear.

If a Gathering isn't right for you right now?  That's fine too.  Just take one step and invite a neighbor or new friend into your home.  I'm going to do it too.  Let's love God through loving others.  Together.  


  1. I would love to know more about your Mary & Martha products,I also live in Michigan

    1. Hi Erin! Would you mind emailing me at Kelli.Gase (at) I'd love to give you some info!


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