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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect


Is this thing on?

Hiya friends!  What's shakin'?  

It's been waaaay too long since I've actually written something here.  In the last few weeks, I've had 4 different people tell me that they like to read updates here on the blog, and that kinda lit a fire under me to actually post something other than Project 365 updates.  

So, let's start small.  We've been really busy with projects around the house.  The fireplace is done! And it's stunning.  The bad news is that I don't have photos.  Our TV died, and Brian hung an old TV in it's place, so we have wires and cords running everywhere.  I'm going to try to make it pretty enough to take photos so that I can share some with you. 

For now, you'll have to settle for some teasers.  Check.Out.That.Mantel.  Are you drooling?  You should be.  I had so much fun throwing some pretty fall decorations on that guy for the first time.  It increased the cozy factor in the Family Room by one million.  

Do you decorate for fall?  With all of the renovations and just the busy factor of the fall, I took a few minutes last weekend to get out my box of 'fall-ish' stuff and spread it out a bit.  I'm not big on 'cutesy' decorations.  I mean, I like them, but I tend to lean toward fall decor that's a bit more neutral and subtle, yet big on texture.  Old books, rocks, textured pumpkins, wicker, pine cones, soup crocks ... they're all favorites of mine!  Honestly, I would keep this kind of decor year round.  It just kinda speaks to me.  

I love how easy it is to add 'fall' to a room.  Adding a cute gold pumpkin and an acorn bundle to the candle, lamp, and slate coasters that live on this end table pumps up the cozy factor a bit.  Now that the boys are a little older, I'm not afraid of putting decorations at low heights.  Of course, I choose things like foam pumpkins and disposable candle jars to put within reach.  Nothing too crazy!

Sometimes bringing fall inside is as easy as plopping down a pumpkin and adding some baby's breath to a jar.  Boom.  Done.  Also?  As referenced by not one, but 2 of the photos in this post, lampshades in my home are never ever ever straight.  Ever.  It's just a way of emphasizing the fact that our lives are perfectly imperfect.  

And sometimes that perfectly imperfect factor is emphasized when I get lazy so I throw a bunch of crap on a shelf and call it a day.  Because why not?  Home should be comfortable, cozy, and easy.  Is it the prettiest little vignette ever?  Nope.  But it's fall-ish and it works.

So that's how we're celebrating fall in our home.  That, and keeping sick boys comfortable.  As much as I love fall, it inevitably brings sickness.  Blegh.  Stay healthy, friends!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Project 365: Week 30


October 14 was NEW CAMERA DAY!!!  I did nothing fancy, just snapped away inside my house with my boys in their PJs, hanging out and playing their video games.  And I was still completely smitten with the camera.  Weeeeee!  

Alright, on to pictures so I can get back to taking photos...

October 10 - Mr. Beckett's shy soccer face.

October 11 - Watching the helicopter land by the hospital.

October 12 - Cell phone snap - Snuggles.

October 13 - Cell phone snap - Waiting for brother Selfie.

October 14 - NEW CAMERA!!!  Kiernan is not impressed.

October 15 - Jump!

October 16 - Handsome birthday boy.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Project 365: Week 29

Once I ordered my new camera, I felt inspired to keep clickin' with my trusty old one.  Crazy how that works, huh?  These are all still with the old camera and a few cell phone snaps.  Next week will include a few with the new camera.  I'm like a kid in a candy store!!

October 3 - Cheese.

October 4 - Construction!

October 5 - Painted the front door, now we need to get the landscaping ready for winter.

October 6 - Late bloomer.

October 7 - Halloween = Done.

October 8 - Pumpkin patch pickin'.

October 9 - Red Wings opener!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Project 365: Week 28

I know that I've been blabbing on and on and on for weeks (maybe months?) about being in a rut.  

I'm still deep, deep in that rut.  It's painful.  I'm so uninspired by the photos that I actually do manage to take, that I just avoid editing.  Hence the reason I'm posting this several weeks late.  

Soooooo, in order to deal with my 'blergh' attitude, I ordered a new camera!  It should be here by the end of the week, and I told myself that I would catch up on editing by the time it gets here.  Weeeee!

 September 26 - A little post-soccer nature walk.

September 27 - Back yard fishing.

September 28 - Pretty.

September 29 - Building a mantel!

September 30 - A screen shot - the only photo of the day.

October 1 - No makeup selfie (for a skin care regimen).

October 2 - Beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Project 365: Week 27

Oh man.  I am so behind on LIFE.  

Adjusting to our new school schedule is tough.  We're cramming in all of our annual and semi-annual doctor appointments.  (Why do I schedule those in the fall??)  It's football season, so Saturdays are spent.  (GO BLUE!!)  It's fall soccer season, so Saturday mornings are a rat race.  We're finishing up outdoor projects and starting indoor ones.  You know .... life!!  

My funk with my camera continues as well.  I find myself just not pulling it out daily.  Blegh.  It's making me toy with the idea of jumping the gun and buying a new one before Christmas.  Decisions, decisions :) 

September 19 - Those eyes just melt me.

September 20 - Swings.

September 21 - Nature walk.

September 22 - Sunset.

 September 23 - Running to the bus stop.

September 24 - Ninja.

September 25 - What happens when the dogs decide to be a-holes.