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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Project 365: Week 27

Oh man.  I am so behind on LIFE.  

Adjusting to our new school schedule is tough.  We're cramming in all of our annual and semi-annual doctor appointments.  (Why do I schedule those in the fall??)  It's football season, so Saturdays are spent.  (GO BLUE!!)  It's fall soccer season, so Saturday mornings are a rat race.  We're finishing up outdoor projects and starting indoor ones.  You know .... life!!  

My funk with my camera continues as well.  I find myself just not pulling it out daily.  Blegh.  It's making me toy with the idea of jumping the gun and buying a new one before Christmas.  Decisions, decisions :) 

September 19 - Those eyes just melt me.

September 20 - Swings.

September 21 - Nature walk.

September 22 - Sunset.

 September 23 - Running to the bus stop.

September 24 - Ninja.

September 25 - What happens when the dogs decide to be a-holes.

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