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Monday, October 19, 2015

Project 365: Week 30


October 14 was NEW CAMERA DAY!!!  I did nothing fancy, just snapped away inside my house with my boys in their PJs, hanging out and playing their video games.  And I was still completely smitten with the camera.  Weeeeee!  

Alright, on to pictures so I can get back to taking photos...

October 10 - Mr. Beckett's shy soccer face.

October 11 - Watching the helicopter land by the hospital.

October 12 - Cell phone snap - Snuggles.

October 13 - Cell phone snap - Waiting for brother Selfie.

October 14 - NEW CAMERA!!!  Kiernan is not impressed.

October 15 - Jump!

October 16 - Handsome birthday boy.

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