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Monday, February 3, 2014

The moon. It's a crescent.

These boys are growing faster than I can keep up with, especially when it comes to vocabulary and just knowing things in general.  As always, car conversations are my fave.  

Kiernan: Hey Mom.  There's the moon! Right there, straight ahead!

Me: Yeah buddy.  That's the moon.  It's pretty isn't it?

Kiernan: Yeah.... (silence)  Hey Mommy.  I have a question. 

Me: Ok bud.  What's your question?

Kiernan: The moon looks like a crescent. 

Me: That's right Kiernan!  The moon is shaped like a crescent!

Kiernan: Yeah.  I know. 

So cocky.  And  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New beginnings.

I miss this space.

My absence here mostly stems from lack of time and a bit from lack of inspiration to write.  Actually, maybe less of a lack of inspiration to write and more from a head full of things to write about and an inability to get anything out of it.  Part of me feels like I have so much to write about that it's all too much to catch up on.  But then again, this is my space.  My tiny little corner of the web.  And that means that I get to make the rules.

So I've decided to sit down and let my fingers fly over the keyboard and just see what sails out of them.

It's been 4 months since we left Florida.  In some ways it has flown and in others it seems like we're just frozen in place.  While we are so fortunate and so grateful to have a space here in Brian's parents' home, we're itching to get back into a place of our own.

The good news is that we found one.  We're under contract and hopefully closing this week.  For now we're planning and dreaming and imagining ways to make it perfect for our little family.  I'm making lists and packing boxes while Brian works 18 hour days and the boys maintain their normal level of chaos.  It's just another day in paradise, and we can't wait to continue the chaos in our new home!