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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brennan turned FIVE! {an Invention Contraption Party}

Continuing on the birthday party train, let's recap Brennan's 5th Birthday!  Brennan requested an "Invention Contraption" party.  Yeah, that one stumped me.  I also wanted to keep it really simple.  

So the plan?  Sheetcake with Mousetrap on the top, build-your-own dessert cars, and a table full of scraps of things for the kids to build their own Inventions & Contraptions.  I found a Mousetrap game at a thrift store for super cheap, bleached the pieces, ran them through the dishwasher, and set it up on a big giant sheetcake.  Brennan was THRILLED.  

I would love to show you the cute little dessert contraption bar that my Mom put together for the kids to build things ... but this party was apparently so laid back that I forgot to take photos of anything but cake and gift opening.  Oops.  Also, the giant table full of fun scrap things for the kids to build their own inventions?  Forgot to photograph those too.  

But honestly, we enjoyed this party so much.  The relaxed atmosphere was just the perfect way to celebrate our first baby turning FIVE.  I can hardly believe it.  How did that happen?  

This boy.  He has the most amazing spirit.  His heart is huge, his laugh is infectious, and his imagination never stops.  This sweet boy, the one who made me a Mommy, makes me so proud to call him mine!

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