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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Taking photos with 3 wiggly little boys.

I haven't updated much on my little studs lately, I mean, other than the super overdue birthday party posts, so I thought I'd take a minute to throw some photos at you.  Because I gave birth to the 3 cutest creates on earth and it would be unfair to deprive you of their cuteness ;)

I have about a million candid photos of the boys just doing their thing in life, with disheveled hair, dirty faces, and whatever clothes they've chosen for themselves that day.  So occasionally, I get in the mood to try to capture a photo of 3 clean, well-dressed little boys with smiles on their faces and eyes on the camera.  This is, of course, no easy task, so I now know that I have to go into this task with a plan!

Every time I get my kids into semi-matching clothes and attempt to get some cute photos of them, I know that it's going to be a .... challenge.  

Before even getting them dressed, I decide on a location and try to get my camera settings all set.  Because once they are dressed and plopped where I want them, I will have approximately 5 minutes to jump around, tell crazy jokes, and bribe them into letting me get just one decent photo.  

While I fine-tune my settings again, I tell them to make silly faces.  Which always works.  

Then we move on to hugs and snuggles.  I usually try to get a nice, sharp shot of their feet too, because I have a thing for kiddo feet.  Not adult feet.  Gross.  But my kids' feet are flippin' adorable.  

Then I switch my focus to their faces to try to catch hugs and happy faces.  Of course, it inevitably develops into silliness and wrestles.  Because BOYS.  

When I ask for smiles?  I get really, really forced ones.  And usually some funny faces, lack of looking at the camera, and deliberate eye closing.  

So I try to just tell jokes, and use lots of potty humor.  Because again, BOYS.  

The sillies continue of course, but eventually, hopefully, if the planets align and all is right in the world, I'll tell the perfect joke about poop or boogers or something and I'll get some really, awesome, genuine smiles.  

And then the 5 minute window of opportunity closes.  But it doesn't matter because while the final product is adorable, the photos of the process are priceless!

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