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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cinderella, Cinderella

The last few weeks have been INSANELY busy. It's the end of the semester crunch for both Brian and myself, but since his class is mainly comprised of homework problems and exams (and because he's a giant slacker when it comes to school), he isn't feeling the pressure as much as I am.

My class this semester is a "capstone course" in which we take everything we've learned thus far in the program and apply it to our project. Which means it's a HUGE, TIME CONSUMING class. And I am now in the process of editing our 250 pg paper to make it sound like one person, not eight people, wrote it. Blegh.
So while I was working on this paper during every spare second available in my day, the housework has been piling up around me. This morning I decided I couldn't take it anymore and told Brian that he was not allowed to leave the house to take Brennan on a beach run until he helped me clean the kitchen/living/dining area/computer room. So we took an hour to do a quick cleaning session. Even Brennan helped.

(P.S. This is the mop for the back porch. I do not use that nasty old thing inside my house!)

So now I am feeling MUCH better about our semi-clean house and have been able to concentrate. I cannot wait til next week when I can get back on my daily cleaning schedule which enables me to stay on top of things. Don't let me fool you people, I HATE cleaning. But if I don't do it, no one will and we will be forced to exist in filth and dog hair. Brian and I might be able to handle it, but I won't subject my kid to it. So I've found that if I break up the cleaning into little bits each day, I don't let it pile up and overwhelm me. Man, I really am turning into my mother....

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