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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life saver

My days ay home alone with my 3 boys are chaotic at best.  I try to keep it as close to an organized chaos as I can, but some days its just impossible.  Having 2 newborns is one thing, but a very active 2 year old who is trying to get used to sharing mommy's attention is a whole different battle.  He tests my patience on an hourly basis.  But just when I think I might UPS him up to Grammy's house, he redeems himself.  Usually it's with a hug or kiss for me, but more and more often, he's showing unsolicited affection toward his brothers.  Yesterday, I was about to "gently remind" him not to step on the baby, when he stopped, stooped down to Kiernan, said "Aww baby!", and started to shower him with kisses.  It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen ... and it's keeping me from killing him!

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