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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nothing turns me on like a man who knows every word to a Disney song.

Remember these?  If not (and you were raised in the 80s/90s) you lived a deprived childhood.  Go tell your parents they ruined your life.

While eating dinner the other day, Brian and I somehow got on the subject of the Disney Sing Along Songs VHS tapes we had as kids.  He busted out into "Friend Like Me" while I promptly jumped on YouTube to see if I could find it.  It wasn't hard to find and when the music started, Brennan snatched the phone from my hands and stared at it for the entire 11 minutes and 44 seconds it took to get through "Friend Like Me", "When You're The Best of Friends" from Fox and the Hound, and "Something There That Wasn't There Before" from Beauty and the Beast.  His eyes literally did not move from the screen the entire time, despite his crazy parents dancing around and belting out every word of "Friend Like Me", even the banter before the song starts, without needing to even glance at the screen.

After our lovely Beauty and the Beast duet, we moved to the family room for more dancing room so that we could use the computer instead of the phone to play the songs.  The next hour was filled with terrible dancing and even worse singing warbling.  At first the boys stared at us in amazement, probably trying to figure out how they got screwed in the whole parent department, but eventually gave in and bounced and danced and "sang" along with us.  It was  It felt a bit like the glimpse into the fun that our life is starting to be, now that the chaos of the first year after multiples is beginning to subside.  

What got to me more was the fact that I'm married to a man who not only loves to sing along to Disney songs, but actually knows the words to them.  I've always described Brian as "good on paper".  In his undergrad and graduate careers, he learned how to build rockets and airplanes and cars (oh my!).  He's an eagle scout.  He's an avid runner.  He can quote Shakespeare and recite The Lorax and it's entirety.  He can have conversations consisting entirely of movie and comedy quotes.  He was very active in his fraternity in college and continues to be a member of the alumni board.  He's an AMAZING Dad.  While he's a total smart-ass and lives to push people's buttons, he's an insanely impressive person.

But here's the funny part.  After finishing up our off-pitch rendition of "A Whole New World" duet, I looked at him and said "I have never in my entire life wanted you more than I do right now."  He's a rocket scientist, automotive engineer and a business man?  Meh.  He runs a marathon faster than most people could run a half marathon?  Whatev.  He can sing every word to every song in the entire Aladdin movie?  TAKE ME NOW!

I'm tempted to say "look what motherhood does to you", but I can't in all sincerity convince myself that I wouldn't have felt the same way about him if he had revealed this side of himself to me back when he was a frat boy....

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