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Thursday, May 23, 2013

March 2013.

We were in Michigan for the majority of March.  The few days we were actually in Florida, we spent them outside, enjoying the gorgeous "spring" weather.

One day while visiting Brian at work, we headed outside to play some basketball in the parking lot.  Fun and dramatic - as usual!

The park is becoming easier and easier to manage with all 3 boys.  Brennan does his own thing, so the biggest job there is making sure that no one steals him.  Beckett is pretty low key and not much of a daredevil, so he usually sticks to climbing the stairs and going down the little slide.  Kiernan is the tricky one (duh) because he likes to climb and jump off of things and such.

Of course, then we went to live in Michigan for almost 3 weeks, and there are waaaaaaay too many photos to share from that, so it's a separate post!  On the morning we left, Brian went to see the orthopedic surgeon, who recommended having an MRI.  So he got that scheduled and continued limping around with an immobilizer on his leg.  After a weekend in Michigan, Bri flew back to FL to get back to work.  During that time, he had his MRI done and the ortho diagnosed him with a torn tendon.  What looked like a broken kneecap to the ER doc, was actually an extra piece of bone, one of which was rubbing against the tendon that connects the kneecap to the quadriceps muscle.  This chronic rubbing finally caused the tendon to tear.  He had 2 options: to have surgery to repair the tendon and remove the bone, or to try to let the tendon heal by wearing a brace for a few months and run the risk of the same thing happening again.  After a very short over-the-phone discussion with me, Bri opted for surgery and said that he would schedule it for early April.

When we returned from Michigan, we savored the warm, sunny FL weather and spent a ton of time enjoying the backyard.  Our backyard is not at all pretty, but it's one of the places that I love to be most of all.  It's fenced in and kid-safe and I can let my guard down a bit and just have fun with my boys.  And they love to make their own fun back there, which makes my heart happy.

And then of course, there was Easter.  The weird, yet relaxing Easter, which I wrote about here.  

These boys are developing big personalities.  And they could not be any different.  Capturing the process in photos is one of my favorite things to do lately!

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