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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brennan does Michigan.

Brennan has a slight obsession with Michigan.  Actually, it's a big obsession.  It's taken a long time for him to be able to understand why we can't go to Michigan whenever we want.  So when Grampy & Grammy offered to fly Brennan & I up for a long weekend, we jumped at the chance.  

Brennan was so.insanely.excited.  He loaded up his "pack-pack" with fun things for the plane and pulled his own little suitcase behind him through the airport.  The flight itself was bumpy, but Brennan entertained himself and wasn't really interested in me at all, so I was able to do a bit of reading.  I wish I could have captured his reaction when he saw my Mom get out of the car at the airport.  He took off running toward her squealing "GRAMMMMMYYY!" and didn't stop smiling the entire ride to my parents' house.

I left the next morning to see my friend and college roomie Heather and her newest addition.  Baby girl E was sweet as pie and the spitting image of her gorgeous mama.  It was nice to have a bit of time to myself that weekend.  I even took some time to visit my friend Steph for a much needed hair cut and color.

Brennan spent lots of time in Grammy's pool.  He's becoming quite the little fish ... only with the right floaties on though.

Mom, Teresa, and I took Brennan to Imagination Station in Toledo one day.  It's a hands-on science center for kiddos (and adults, really).  His favorite party by far was the little fireman area.  He drove the firetruck and put out fires and all kinds of fun things.  It was a blast watching him play.  Since then, he hasn't stopped telling Daddy & Brothers that they can go back with him someday.  

We also had a Monkey Party while in Michigan.  Not too long ago while we were on Skype, Brennan noticed my parents' house decorated with monkey decorations for some occasion.  Since then, he has been absolutely obsessed with having a Monkey Party of his own.  Only Brennan would get a party thrown for him - complete with decorations, cake, and presents - for no reason in particular.  He's so spoiled  intensely-loved.

Of course, the spoiling was not exclusive to the monkey party.  He got plenty of surprises and treats and paid dearly with lots of snuggles for everyone.

Luckily, our trip coincided with Great Grandma G's 101st birthday.  I was so happy that we were able to go and spend some time celebrating with Brian's side of the family.  That side of the fam is especially fun because there are 9 kids, 7 years old (I think) and younger ... including a set of triplet boys and my set of twin boys.  And only one girl.  It's lively and fun and all of us adults enjoy sipping adult beverages so that usually makes it even more fun.  Brennan had a blast running around with all of his cousins, playing with the car he got for Great Gram for her birthday, and even sipping his very own can of Mountain Dew.  Cuz I'm crazy.

Sunday was our last day in Michigan and we made the most of it.  Brennan splashed around in the pool for awhile and I relished having adults around so that I could take a break.  

My Uncle Joe worked his magic on the grill, as usual.  More than that though, he made these amazing cinnamon rolls for dessert.  I'm not exaggerating one little iota when I say that it made my tastebuds dance.  It was the best thing I have ever eaten.  Seriously.  I still dream about it.  

As we scooted out the door to the airport, Brennan gave everyone one last squeeze.  After kisses and hugs for Great Grama, Aunt Lynne, Uncle Joe, & TT, my parents drove us to the airport.  Once we got there, there were more squeezes and kisses and lots of sad faces.  

Brennan broke my heart in that airport.  Because his heart was broken.  He was so incredibly, genuinely sad to be leaving.  I promised that we'd go back to visit soon, and that we'd get to see Daddy and Brothers soon too.  But nothing seemed to cheer him up.  Poor sweet kiddo.  He loves him some Michigan and all the people who come along with it.  

I had to share these photos I snapped of my parents while I was there.  Both were just random, spur of the moment snapshots and I just love their smiles.  So natural and genuine.  I lucked out in the parent department, for sure.  And thanks to them, Brennan got a little fix of Michigan for a bit!


  1. Okay did it to me I am crying! SOOOOOOOO sweet! SOOOOOOO tender! SOOOOOO much family love! I did not know about this blog until now via FB...hope you don't mind if I follow! xoxo Renee Darrow

    1. Awwww thanks Renee! Of course I don't mind ... as long as you don't mind my um, colorful language ;)


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