Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring has sprung! {Mary & Martha Spring line!}

The Mary & Martha Spring Line is out and we have some really, really pretty stuff in the mix!  

First up, Melamine!!  Besides the obvious fact that they're beautiful, they're also practical.  Lightweight, yet sturdy, and perfect for those summer BBQs.  And dishwasher safe!  In this photo the plates are shown in the Gather Together Kitchen Caddy

This is the Table Salad Plate - Set of 2 - $28
This is the Table Dessert Plate - Set of 4 - $30
Gather Together Kitchen Caddy - $38

The melamine pairs well with the Grace & Gratitude dishes too!  

Grace & Gratitude Collection - Heirloom White Dinner Plate - $26
(Grace & Gratitude Collection - One Place Setting - Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Bowl - $56)
This is the Table Salad Plate - Set of 2 - $28
This is the Table Dessert Plate - Set of 4 - $30

I love love love how the colors of the melamine look so pretty with the beautiful colors of summer food.  Picnics, BBQs, or just breakfast!

This is the Table Serving Platter - $34
This is the Table Nested Bowls - Set of 3 (smallest pictured) - $68
This is the Table Bowl - Set of 2 - $29
This is the Table Yellow Dinner Plate - Set of 2 - $36
This is the Table Dessert Plate - Set of 4 - $30
Honey Pot -  $34

The Watercolor Collection is my very favorite of the Spring Line.  The colors are so vibrant and the words are so meaningful.  These tea towels make a great addition to any kitchen, or frame them for a beautiful piece of art!

Roses Watercolor Tea Towel - 30"x20" - $24
Sunflower Watercolor Tea Towel - 30"x20" - $24

The Think on These Things plate collection would be absolutely beautiful hanging on the wall, or serving lunch to a small group of friends.  In the background, the large glass lantern creates a sweet, cozy atmosphere.  

Large Glass Lantern - $149
Think on These Things Plates - Set of 4 - $48
Think on These Things Lovely Mugs - Set of 2 - $26

Paper bakeware isn't just for baking!  It makes such a cute and easy way to serve lunch.  No washing dishes!  The Tiered Server is a great way to serve when you're short on counter space.  And that Pizza Tray is just nice eye candy.  I suppose it's a nice serving tray too!  ;)  

Grateful Hearts Square Cup - 12 count - Pick 3 for $22
Grateful Hearts Small Cup - 24 count - Pick 3 for $22
Adjustable Tiered Stand with Baskets and Wooden Plates - $154

Speaking of picnics ... isn't this the greatest idea??  The Grateful Hearts Food Trays are happening this summer at our house!

Grateful Hearts Food Trays - Set of 6 - Pick 2 for $20
Grateful Hearts Small Cup - 24 count - Pick 3 for $22
Give Us This Day Bread Board - $52

My boys go through a TON of fruit every week.  The Adjustable Tiered Stand with Baskets is perfect for storing produce and clearing a bit of counter space.  Do you see the Grace & Gratitude Salt & Pepper shakers tucked into the top basket there?  

Adjustable Tiered Stand with Baskets - $132
Gather Together Kitchen Caddy - $38
Honey Pot -  $34

The Glass Lanterns are beautiful -- as a candle-holder, a vase, or just as-is!

Small Glass Lantern - $54
Medium Glass Lantern - $97
Large Glass Lantern - $149

So there's a sneak peak at some of the goodies that Mary & Martha has to offer this spring.  If you want to stay up-to-date on specials, head over to my M&M facebook page and click "Like" and shoot me an email to kelli.gase at gmail dot com to subscribe to the monthly newsletter!  

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