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Friday, June 5, 2015

Project 365: Week 11

I'm 6 for 7 with big-girl camera photos this week!  Between sporting events and blooming flowers, I have had plenty of things to photograph.  

The Brothers are playing soccer, Brennan is playing teeball, and Daddy is coaching both sports.  To say that they're all having fun would be an understatement.  

Have you ever seen 3-year-olds play soccer?  It's like herding cats.  But they are just so, so cute.  And sometimes they actually run after the ball.  

And then there's teeball.  Ohhhhh teeball.  There are a bunch of rowdy boys on the team who would rather wrestle in the gravel than learn how to play teeball, soooooo it's interesting.  Brennan isn't naturally athletic, but he has a really great attitude, and for that I am grateful!  

May 30 - Juggling Daddy.

May 31 - Rainy Sunday activity.

June 1 - Caught.

June 2 - Keeping his eye on the ball.

June 3 - Budding.

June 4 - Shoe-tying lessons

June 5 - Perfect petunias.

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