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Who's who.

a.k.a. Me, Mommy

Michigan girl, labor & delivery nurse turned stay-at-home-mom.  Just finished my Masters in Nursing degree.  I spend my days keeping kids alive and trying to squeeze in time for housework amid the constant house projects.  Laundry is overrated. 

When I'm not wrangling kids, attempting to clean, or fixing up our home, I'm trying to find time for myself.  I love to write, craft (or Pin things I want to craft), try to learn Photoshop, go on Netflix binges, roam around Target or HobLob, pretend to be a runner, or anything that doesn't involve hearing the word "MOOOOOOOMMY!"  After fighting postpartum anxiety and depression for the better part of a year, I'm trying to find out who I am again, outside of being a Mommy.  I love my babies more than life itself, but I've learned that I'm a much better Mom when I can spend some time away from them every once in awhile.  

a.k.a. Hubby, Bri, the Mister, the Daddy

I freely admit that it was not at all love at first sight, but eventually I fell for him and decided that he was in fact quite hunky.  I drew him in with my good looks and then went and got fat on him.  Poor guy.  Luckily he loves me for me and has stuck around for 8 years of wedded bliss.  He's insanely smart and kinda funny.  He's also really handy and does the bulk of the building projects around here.
In a nutshell?  He's my rock.  I could not exist without him.  Well, I could.  But I don't really want to have to try.  Plus, if he wasn't around, I would have to go back to work full time.  And that would suck.

a.k.a. MonkeyFace, the big one

My first born.  My oldest baby.  The biggest crazy face you'll ever meet.  

He is FIVE in every way, shape, and form right now.  He loves hard, and debates everyone even harder.  I'm amazed at how quickly he can go from saying "Oh Mommy, you're just the greatest.  I just love you always" to trying to talk me into buying him a pony.  But he's a good kid and took a lot of effort to bring into this world, so I think I'll keep him.

a.k.a. Mr Beckett, Hambone, one of "The Brothers"

"Beckett" should really be one of the a.k.a.'s, because we refer to him far more often as "Mr Beckett" than just "Beckett".  And we're not really sure why.  It just works.  So does "Hambone", because this kid has the best hammy-smile you'll ever see in your life.  

He's cautious and careful and won't commit to doing something until he can do it well.  Basically, he's his Mommy's clone.  That's probably why he's my favorite.  


a.k.a. Honey Badger, one of "The Brothers"

I've said it from the beginning, this child will be the death of me.  I'm going to have to sit him down and have a "keep it in your pants" talk by the time he's 8.  Kiernan is a ball of energy and charisma.  The only thing that keeps him out of trouble is his charming smile that makes me melt into a giant Mommy puddle every time he flashes it.   

Basically, he's just a mini-Brian.  He even looks like Brian's sister.  He has my nose and my dimple and the only other way I know that he's mine is the fact that he came into this world through my vagina.  

a.k.a. the Zilla, Zilla Love, Cooper Love, Cooper don't bark

Cooper was our first "baby" and is bitter that he is not the only one anymore.  He was the cutest puppy ever.  Cooper is Brian's baby and I'm 100% aware that if forced to choose between me and Cooper, he'd choose Cooper.  He'll turn 10 years old in June and he still has the energy of a puppy with the attitude of a grumpy ol' man.  He may look sweet and fluffy, but if you don't belong near his house, he's going to make sure you know it.  I always feel safe with my Coop around.

a.k.a. Casey-Mo, Mo-Mo, the Moes

Poor Casey-Mo should probably be on puppy Prozac.  He is terrified of EVERYTHING.  It's exhausting to deal with, especially because if I were him I'd be terrified of the 3 tornadoes that live in this house too.  But he's super cute and Brennan is mildly obsessed with him.

a.k.a. Princess, Pretty Girl, Joss

Joss is my female companion in this house full of dingles, and she's a sweet girl to any human she comes across.  Sweet, but she's a ferocious one.  Sister does NOT like any animal smaller than herself and will not hesitate to attempt to disembowel it if she encounters one.  On the bright side, we don't have problems with stray cats, squirrels, mice, etc.  Nobody is coming near this house with her around.  

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