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Friday, April 1, 2016

Life lately.

Hey there, friends.

How's life?? I have no good excuse for being MIA the last few months. But that's the beauty of blogging just for the fun of it -- I get to make the rules!

I thought I'd drop by with a little update on what we've been up to lately ... which hasn't really been anything exciting. The last 3 months have been pretty low key. But somehow, the unexciting things in life tend to be my favorites. I love relaxing days at home with my boys. Those are the days that I remember most vividly. Special events and holidays fly by far too chaotically, but a random lazy Saturday is when memories are made.

Brian is working like a mad man lately. He leaves early, works late, and travels a bit. Often when he is home, he is on his computer after the boys are in bed. It's hard to shoulder so much of the responsibility at home and to hear the boys say that they miss their Daddy. But we do our best, he does his best to be available when he can, and more than anything we know that this too shall pass.

The boys are like their Mommy and don't love being outside in the cold weather unless there is fun snow to play with. So we spent many of the cold winter months snuggling and playing inside. I'm savoring these days at home with them, as I know how quickly time passes. Before I know it, my babies will be in school all day long.

Legos are HUGE in our house. All five of us love to sit down and build a kit, and the boys (not me!) love to create their own things as well. We spent a few cold days in January building Legos at the dining room table and I loved Pajamas all day, pizza for dinner, and Legos. What could be better?

We started lifting weights as a family this winter (read: Brian makes me do it and the kids love to join in). I don't mind it, because it makes Brian happy. Mr. Beckett LOVES to lift weights. He asks to go downstairs all the time. We will usually stop what we're doing and go downstairs with Beckett for 5 minutes because it makes him so happy. And what's better to have after exercising than homemade cinnamon rolls? Nothing. Nothing is better than that.

Parenting with Brian has forced me to relax. A LOT. The latest Daddy activity is called "Daddy Diving Board", where Brian curls up on Brennan's bed and the boys jump off of his back onto Beckett & Kiernan's bed. Amazingly, we've had very few booboos. Yet.

With all the odd weather we had in March, we were outside riding scooters even with snow on the ground. And then a couple weeks later we were at the park without coats. That's Michigan weather!

While Brian has been traveling over the last 3 weeks, the boys and I have tried to stay busy. A few weekends ago we took an impromptu trip to see my sister and her boyfriend. The 1.5 hour trip was well worth all of the fun we had walking to play at the park, having a cookout, and playing soccer.

I so feel bad for Brian when he's in a work crunch and unable to see the boys much. They are growing in both size and personality so quickly. I think this is part of the reason that I take so many photos of them. I find myself pulling Bri into the office in the wee hours of the night to show him photos of what we've done lately because I hate that he has to miss it.

Our Easter was so much fun. The boys loved every part of it -- egg dyeing, Easter baskets, Easter "feasts", and even church. They're finally the age that they can start to comprehend the fun parts of Easter and the real reason for Easter. 

And there were suspenders and a tie and argyle and wrinkled pants. I mean come on, the cuteness is overwhelming.  

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