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Friday, January 8, 2016

Project 365: Weeks 39-40

These 2 weeks weren't quite as bad!  I actually took even more photos with my camera, but many of those were taken during Christmas parties and I don't like posting photos of other people's kids online without asking them.  So we'll have to settle for cell phone snaps ;)  

December 12 - Chillin'.

December 13 - Big Lou.

December 14 - Smoothies.

December 15 - Daddy-less dinners are so low maintenance.

December 16 - Nothin'.

December 17 - Computer time at school.

December 18 - Lego Batman.

December 19 - Teamwork.

December 20 - Synchronized watches.

December 21 - This movie is kinda sad.

December 22 - Nothin'.

December 23 - Bubbles!

December 24 - Christmas Eve with Great Grandma.

December 25 - Merry Christmas!


  1. 2 questions...

    1. What was the sad movie? Anna just saw Lion King for the first time on Saturday (apparently she had never seen it, though I can't believe that we missed showing her that one) and she said she liked it, but she thought it was very sad and she cried.

    2. How do you get those massive bubbles in the tub? I keep trying different brands of bubbles and they are always so lifeless and fizzle out after 2 or 3 minutes.

    1. 1. Haha, well, I don't remember now. But it was probably Inside Out or Aladdin, both of which we watched recently and they thought they were both too sad. We haven't done the Lion King yet, but I'm sure that'll be too sad for them too ;)

      2. We squeeze in some baby shampoo and turn on the jets in the tub. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that with jetted tubs, but oh well :D


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