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Monday, January 4, 2016

Apparently I did that thing again where I forget that I have a blog for a month or 2.


I guess it stems from several reasons.

First?  Life.  The Holidays are always an overwhelming season for me.  Not in a bad way, but I find myself feeling the pressure to get things done and wanting spend all kinds of quality time with my boys.

Second ... the kitchen!  We started and finished remodeling the kitchen in about a month.  That is a very very fast kitchen remodel, my friends.  We decided to refinance our home, and that led to the decision that if we put a little money into the kitchen, we would get a bit of a bump on our appraisal.  The kitchen remodel was a giant time suck, but so, so, so worth it.  We are over-the-moon about it.  I'll share photos soon!

And third, I fell into a big fat funk with photography.  We're talkin' falling off the Project 365 wagon. Hard.  It could be my camera, or my lenses, or just me.  But for some reason, I'm just feeling uninspired and not loving anything I shoot.  So I kinda just stopped shooting.  And editing.  My sister got her first DSLR for Christmas, and after helping her learn a few things, I started to re-read the manual for my camera.  I'm not feeling all that inspired yet, but I am trying to embrace the re-set.

This week, I'm going to get some semblance of a Project 365 update together and get the kitchen photographed.  I'm excited to start writing again!

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