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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Project 365: Weeks 33-34

The first of many Project 365 updates, this post includes 2 weeks, since I skipped a lot of days.  And honestly, the majority of photos are cell phone snaps.  They aren't pretty, but they are life!

October 31 - The Ninja Turtles & April.

November 1 - The National Zoo.

November 2 - Jumping.

November 3 - Nothin'.

November 4 - September weather in November.

November 5 - Giant Costco Bears.  

November 6 - Nothin'.

November 7 - Morning snuggles (and Daddy's crazy hair).

November 8 - My life.

November 9 - I have no idea why Kiernan likes to show off his food (or why he likes dry bagels).

November 10 - Ladder climbers.

November 11 - Haulin' in the cans.

November 12 - Nothin'.

November 13 - Kitchen progress and a cute kid.

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