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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm a survivor...

Brennan and I survived 4 whole days at home alone without Daddy. This normally wouldn't be all that difficult for me as I've lived on my own before getting married, lived on my own while Brian worked in Chicago for 6 months shortly after we got married, and lived on my own with Brennan for 3 months when Brian moved here to FL. However, contrary to what you (or I) might believe it's not so easy to be by yourself with a (crazy) toddler while 24 weeks pregnant with twins.

See, the greatest part of my days, other than naptime of course, is at the end of the day when my hubby walks through the door. Not because I've been burning with desire to see him or anything. I mean, he's pretty amazing and all, but it's mostly because I need a break. And he jumps head first into Daddy duties when he gets home. (Have I mentioned that I love him? Cuz I do.)

So to have no relief for 4 days was a bit intimidating. Brennan woke up with a random fever, sans other symptoms, from his nap on Saturday and spent the next few days just kinda relaxing and snuggling with me. I'd never wish sickness on my child, but I must admit it was a relief not to have him running around like a crazy person.

We were both pretty excited to pick Daddy up from the airport Tuesday evening. I hit 24 weeks that day and he so sweetly pointed out that the belly looked like it had grown while he'd been gone. I blame the horizontal stripes, but you can see for yourself....

Holy belly.

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