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Friday, June 10, 2011


Today I am 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my twins. The average twin pregnancy is 36 weeks long. Of course I could deliver earlier, heck, I could deliver tomorrow. But the best case scenario is that my body will hold on to these boys til they're at least 37 weeks.

So I have plenty of time before they're born to line up help for the end of the pregnancy and the time there after, and to get the house ready for their arrival. Yet I find myself in this crazy rush lately to get things accomplished. I think it's because I know that every day it becomes more and more of a challenge for me to accomplish even the most basic tasks -- cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with a toddler. My belly is the size of a woman's who is about 34 weeks pregnant -- you know, that time when you're starting to get uncomfortable, but you know the end is near? Yeah, my end isn't near. Nor do I want it to be really. I mean, of course I want the discomfort to end, but I want these boys to stay put for now.

Anyways, I digress. So, for the last two weeks we worked on cleaning out the guest room, painting it, and getting Brennan moved in. Now that he's settled into his new room (which he LOVES), I can concentrate more on the nursery ... and it needs plenty of concentration. I still need to decorate Brennan's room, but I feel like those are crafty things that I can do with a big belly. I cannot however assist in painting (it's a well ventilated area with low fume paint people, chill out), clean and arrange things how I'd like them, put clothes away (in a currently non-existent dresser), make beds, etc.... My time to do these things is limited. Very limited.

And while my hubby is VERY patient when it comes to my pregnant-lady neuroses, he also feels the need to "have fun while we can" and therefore chooses to fill the weekends with plans with friends instead of getting things accomplished. It's driving me bananas. Doesn't he understand that I need to nest, damnit, and I can't do it alone??! Humph. (This is me pouting.)

Behind the hormones, I know that it'll all get done ... right?

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