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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Barracuda

There are few things in this world that make my child's head spin like telling him he's going to go swimming.  He drops what he's doing and sprints around the house screaming, "waaaa waaaaa!!  Simmmm!!  Poooooo!!!"  (Water, swim, pool!) 

So in July we started Parent/Child swim classes, cleverly titled Baby Barracuda class, which involves kids ages 6 months to 3 years getting "acquainted" with the water (read: dunked and then sang songs to in order to calm down).  It's loud, chaotic, there are never less than 2 kids screaming, but we have a blast. 

Brennan and I used to go twice a week because A.) It was a way for him to burn energy that I could still keep up with him and B.) The glorious feeling of weightlessness while in the pool is indescribable when carrying around 2 extra bodies (not to mention a toddler.  Sidenote:  It blows my mind a bit that this is probably the only time in life I'll ever be able to carry all 3 of my munchkins at once.  Insane.  But, I digress...)

July was heavenly for me, but our little barracuda is a bit insane in the water and I doubt his brothers enjoy kicks to the head from the outside when they already have to deal with cranial blows from each other.  So it's Daddy's turn to tame the wild water beast.  The Saturday class consists of 7 little boys and one girl.  It's wild and crazy and so much fun to watch my boys swim (and especially entertaining to watch my husband try to sing along with the nursery rhymes he for some reason never learned ... our kids get Billy, Bruce, and Bob instead of the Itsy Bitsy Spider ... again with the digression). 

But as cute as it is, I miss being in that water and day dreaming that I weigh 120 pounds and do not have an abdomen that rivals my late grandfathers beer belly.  If these boys aren't out next Saturday, mama's parking herself in the corner of the pool to watch the madness occur!

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  1. Hi! New reader here, just stumbled upon your blog. I'm also a blogger and have a son around the same age as yours. I had to go back and re-read your post when you found out you were expecting twins just to see what your reaction was!! We are working on #2 right now and the thought of twins used to terrify me, but now I sort of welcome the idea. I also happened to read the post about your 10 year high school reunion. I also was added to a FB group a few months back for mine (graduated in 01!) and it's coming up THIS Saturday, ah! Congrats on your upcoming bundles of joy!! What a wild ride, but will be so worth it!


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