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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Operation: Lose the Twin Weight (and then some)

We had a few friends over on Thanksgiving day. One of the guys was standing by a cork board in the kitchen where we have a few random pictures tacked up. He commented on how we had random people on the board and I proceeded to explain the photos -- Brian's friend Cory's senior picture (because it bugs him), a picture of 3 year old Brian climbing a barn (because my boys are just like their daddy), a baby picture of me (so that I can remind myself that some of my children do have my traits), and this picture:

When we got to this picture I said, "Do you know who this girl is?", pointing to the girl on the left. "No," he said jokingly, "but I wish I did." Yep, that's me. Everyone commented on how "young" I look in the picture. The reality of it? I'm about 60 pounds thinner in that photo. Yes, SIXTY.

It's more than just feeling "fat". I'm tired and have no energy and avoid going places where I have to get dressed in something other than yoga pants because nothing fits. Lack of sleep is certainly a factor, but I can't but feel that if I exercise, I'll feel more energized. At least that's what the experts say, right?

Last year for Christmas, I gave Brian 100 miles on the treadmill. In doing so (and not watching what I ate AT ALL), I lost 20 pounds. I felt more energized, was comfortable in my own skin, and dare I say it, felt relatively attractive. Then the twins happened, along with the expected weight gain. I've so far lost 30 pounds since having the boys, but have been at a plateau for the last few weeks. I have another 20 pounds to lose til I'm back at my pre-twin weight, which means that right now I weigh EXACTLY what I weighed at this time last year. I'm not going to go crazy about the weight loss, but I am committing to 100 miles on the treadmill (or outside since I'm in FL now). I don't need to look like I did in that photo, I just want to have more energy for my boys and my hubby. And I want to feel good about myself.

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