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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did December even happen?

No really. I'm not sure. Because those 31 days were a total blur. I tried getting ready for Christmas early, I really did. I had great aspirations of handmade gifts and holiday fun for the first Christmas that Brennan would kinda "get". I'm not sure why I thought I could pull that off when I am so consumed with taking care of children and maintaining a (semi) clean environment for them that I can barely keep my master bathroom from looking like a truck stop. Then there was that whole "how the heck am I supposed to get in the Christmas spirit when it's so hot outside that I have to turn on the AC because I'm sweating too much while putting up my tree?!" phase. Take that, add a dash of hearing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" on the radio and you get a bawling, blubbering mess of a me.

But eventually I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, told myself to do it for the kiddo, and figured out that if I waited til after dark and cranked up the AC I could *almost* trick myself into believing that it wasn't hotter than the surface of the sun outside. So all 3 of the trees went up, hubby threw some icicle lights (ha!) on the front of the house, and we watched our kiddos stare at the lights in delight.

We were also lucky enough to have our friend Heather and her little man join us for a few days. She was a HUGE help around the house and Brennan and her little B had a blast playing with each other. When they left, we had 17 ... SEVENTEEN ... meals in our freezer and some cleaning projects that were starting to make me tick accomplished. What an amazing friend. Seriously.

A few days after they left, we hopped on a place and headed for the mitten. And when I say "hopped" I mean strategically executed a very carefully and methodically planned out process of getting 2 adults, 2 infants, a toddler, 2 carseats, a stroller, and crap-tons of luggage from the long term parking lot, into the airport, and onto the plane. Seriously, we amazed ourselves with how well it went. The next 10 days were a blur of parties, presents, and slobbery grandma kisses. The twins first Christmas was a great one, spent surrounded by family and friends. And their baptism on New Years Eve was beautiful. We're so blessed to be able to have my Dad baptize them. When all was said and done, we decided that it was a great trip, but we were glad to be home again and not living out of suitcases. And when we head back again in June, we'll be all the more experienced.

Then I sat down to write a blog entry and realized that it's now January. And it's a new year. And my babies are 4 months old and smiling and drooling and (mostly) sleeping through the night. Holy balls. You think time flies with your first child til you have your second (and third) and realize that it actually travels at light speed. Now if I could only figure out a way to keep up...

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