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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buying stock in scented candles.

You know how when you start to smell poop and you have multiple kids in diapers you start sniffing butts? And the first one you check is positive, so you change it, but you still smell poop? And you're not sure if it's just in your nosehairs or if someone else actually went so you check the next one and he did it too? So you change him and you still smell it and your positive it's just in your nosehairs but you check the third one anyways and he went too? So you change him and now you're convinced that the stink has permeated your brain and that's all you'll smell for the next 3 days? Then you go outside to take the trash out and the smell goes away, but hits you like a brickwall when you walk back into the house?

Yeah, that.

Helllooooo scented candles.

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