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Monday, January 7, 2013


::knock knock::

Anyone still there?

Honest to God, life is simply insane lately.  We got a ton of stuff accomplished yesterday and yet the list still remains 12 miles long.  And in 2 days I get on a plane to head back to the mitten (yes, again) to start another semester of classes.  ::gag::

My therapist tells me that I'm dealing with it "quite well".  I feel like I'm not dealing with it at all.  Who knows who's right.  Maybe a little of both?

Truthfully, I'm just in a funk.  I'm crawling out of it and I think that my solo trip to Michigan will allow me the time to clear my head and come back refreshed.  I'm going to consider it my vacation from my vacation.  And hopefully get caught up on a crap ton of writing.  Because that's something else my therapist tells me to do.


  1. Welcome back my dear friend! You have been missed! <3

  2. Have a safe-enjoyable-quiet flight to MI. Perhaps you should cocktail it north...something rarely done while traveling with lil' ones!


    P.S. - It was great talking with you the other day, even if for just a short convo!


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