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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I swear I've never let my kid watch Austin Powers.

"Hey!  Mommy!  I heard a sound in the kitchen!"

 Brennan flew into the playroom and wrapped himself around my legs.

"Oh yeah, buddy?"  I asked, as I continued my attempt to clear the floor in preparation for the monthly carpet vacuuming.  "What kind of sound?"

"Um, it was a noise."  He replied.  "You better come 'vestigate with me.  It might be a 'mergency."

I gave up my quest for a clear floor and decided that the vacuuming would have to wait til February.  Maybe that's when I would get around to mopping the floors too.  Maybe.

We wandered into the kitchen and he pointed to the pantry.

"Noise, HO!"

At first I wondered what the pantry had done to him that would make him refer to it as a whoooor.  Then I remembered that he's been watching way too much Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Mom of the Year, HO!

"Well, bug," I reasoned, "maybe something fell off of the shelf and that's what you heard."

"No, Mommy." He said with the most serious face ever.  "It was a voice."

"Um, who's voice did you hear coming from the pantry?"  I asked hesitantly.  I can't watch scary movies because I"m always convinced that there's someone hiding in my attic/closet/3 inch gap between the washer and dryer.

"It was that chocolate stuff."  He said, pointing to the chocolate pudding cups.  "It said that it wanted to get in my belly."

::blink blink::

"Can you say that with a Scottish accent?"

"What's a 'cottish cent?"

"Nevermind."  I replied.  "Let's help the chocolate pudding get into your belly.  Grab a spoon."


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