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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm still alive ... barely.

I'm just being dramatic.  

I'm fine.  

I've been working my arse off around my house trying not to let it fall down and keep it's occupants alive.  

The mister has been home for only 3 of the last 16 days.  He finally comes home tomorrow and has no more business trips planned for the near future.  That I know of anyway.  Hallelujah.

Being a single parent is hard ya'll.  And I only have to do it for a relatively short period of time and don't have to worry about that whole making money thing.  I just hand over the plastic for what we need and at some point somebody pays the bill.  

(And then that person complains about how much money we spend on food.  Dude.  We have 3 boys.  It's just going to get worse.  I'm sure I'll end up working 3 jobs someday in order to feed them.)  

Anywho, semi-singleparenthood sucks.  We get out and have friends over and keep busy and they do entertaining shit like decide that they hate clothes and love accessories and insist on wearing nothing but diapers, socks, shoes, and sunglasses.   My kids are awesome.  

So we stay busy, but the boys (OK, really only Brennan.  the other 2 couldn't care less.) miss Daddy and I miss having someone to talk with about what we heard on NPR today.  Yeah, we're 50.  I used to hate NPR with every ounce of my being.  And then, somehow, I grew to love it.  Damn husband.

So.  Yeah.  I haven't been doing much blogging because I've been busy.  

Brian came home last weekend and I was all "Jesus God I'm getting in the car and driving somewhere by my damn self and you can't stop me".  And he was all "Why don't you take Cooper?  He'd love it."  So I drove to Kohls with a copilot.  Poor guy needed some kid-free time, just like I did.  Love my Zilla Love.  Except when he steals the kids' food and they scream like someone is peeling off their toenails.  Then I don't love him very much.  

Brian left again on Monday and we went back to a baby-daddy-less life.  One thing about being daddyless? I spend way more time on the computer.  

I haven't felt much like writing, so my computer time has consisted of school work, photoshop, and Pinterest.  

School sucks.  I'm so sick of it and can't wait to have the summer off.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  

Photoshop.  Loooooove it.  I got Elements 11 for Christmas and I've been having a blast learning how to use it.  I'm fairly computer literate and I'm not finding it incredibly easy to learn, which makes me glad that I got little baby PSE11 and not the biggun'.  Maybe someday when I really learn how to use it.  Til then, Elements suits me just fine.  

I've been editing photos and creating other fun things.  I did some cute birth art for my BFF's kidlets and am currently working on decorations for the birthday parties.  SUPER fun.  

Also?  I've been playing around with my blog design.  I still love my current one (made by the lovely Becca at Jumping Jax Designs), but after 2 years I'm just feeling the need to have something new and fresh.  So someday soon I might have something new and fancy up.  Don't hold your breath.  

Oh, and Pinterest.  Such a flipping time suck.  I'm also feeling the need to have a new and fresh home environment, and since my bedroom still has barely anything on the walls and no color whatsoever, I want to start there.  I found a duvet cover on clearance at Target, so I'm running with the design from there.  

I've spent entirely too much time on Pinterest looking for design ideas.  You can see my progress here, but it probably won't look like much to you.  It's basically 25 shower curtains, some words on the wall, and a turquoise peacock.  Whatever.  It'll come together.  When you're on a shoestring budget, you can't pick out cashmere throw pillows to sit atop the $4000 armchair to sit in the corner of the room.  Nope.  I'm throwing a shower curtain on a wall, baby.  At least it'll be a fabric one.  

I should really go finish the dishes so that I can go to bed before 2am.  Our sippy cup stash was dwindling, specifically Brennan's red-lidded cups, so I went on a hunt.  After 4 days of searching, I found 5 ... yes FIVE ... under our bed.  I have no idea why and I'm terrified to open them.  Hopefully Brian doesn't find me passed out cold on the floor with the boys climbing the curtains when he gets home tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  

Peace out friends.  

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