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Monday, February 25, 2013


To say that the last few weeks have been overwhelming would be an understatement.  

Brian has been travelling for essentially a solid 3 weeks and I've been holding down the fort at home.  It's not easy for either of us and I think we're both desperate for a little normalcy.

Last weekend my car decided to take a poop, and it's been in the shop since then.

Brian came home from Michigan last week limping around because his knee hurt.  Apparently he just woke up one night and it was throbbing.  At first I thought he was being dramatic, but after seeing him wince and hearing him cry out with the slightest graze to his knee, I knew it was serious.  This was not simply a man-injury that would blow over at the first chance to go do something fun and physical.

OK, that's not entirely true.  He did make one attempt to run through the sprinkler with Brennan on Saturday.  I caught it on camera, Brennan had a blast, and Brian hobbled back to the chair seriously regretting his decision.  Yep, not just a man-injury.

He tried to wait for Monday morning to call our primary care doc, but headed to the ER in the middle of the night Saturday night because he just couldn't take the pain anymore.  An x-ray showed that his kneecap, which has been in 3 pieces for as long as he can remember, but never caused him any problems, is now being pulled apart by the tendons and ligaments in his leg.  Um, OUCH.

Of course, this is just an ER diagnosis, so we'll see what the orthopedic surgeon says about it this week.  So he's gimping around on crutches with a giant immobilizer on his leg and I've added one more to my list of people to wait on hand and foot.  I'll be honest though, it's not actually all that bad.  He's another pair of adult eyes and another adult to talk to and I can do things like bring him 6 baskets of laundry to fold and he can't run away from me.

So while I was feeling all "why God why" about our life lately, I learned that one of the girls that I used to work with recently received a cancer diagnosis for one of her young kids.


Is our situation right now ideal?  No.  Is it easy?  No.  But it's manageable.  We have the things we need and we're all relatively healthy.  We have a wonderful support system and Brian has a great job with good benefits and a very understanding and flexible boss.


  1. Perspective: we all need to be slapped in the face with it every now and then. I know I always do.


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