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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something. Anything.

My fingers are hovering over the keyboard, itching to type.

Type something.

Type anything.

But my brain is firing too many things, too quickly.

I have so many things I want to write, yet I can't sort them out enough to make sense of any of them.

So where does that leave us?

With a flight of ideas post, friends.  'Cuz everybody loves bullet points ... or at least I do.

Why, yes, our child was about to launch his cup at his Daddy's head.  And we hadn't even pulled out of my in-laws' driveway yet.  Serenity now.  

  • We're baaaa-aaaack.  After 2.5 weeks of being away from home, the munchkins and I have returned to sunny FL.  It was a great trip.  The drive sucked, although it really wasn't all that bad.  It definitely could have been worse.  
  • I didn't even come close to seeing as many friends as I had anticipated while we were in Michigan.  Time slipped away between trips between families and school work.  I was able to see my friend Janelle & her 2 sweet girls (one of whom will become my god-daughter next month!) and my BFF and her nuggets.  And the boys and I spent quite a bit of time with my Grandma, which was, for lack of a better word, awesome.  You just never know how much time you have left with your grandparents (well, with anyone really, but grandparents especially) and it was so special to me to be able to make some great memories.
  • While I enjoyed our trip and wasn't quite ready to leave my fam, I was more than ready to be home in my baby-proofed-fortress of a home and not living out of suitcases.  
  • Trying to transition back to life with just me + 3 is difficult.  Brian is crazy busy at work and not around much, but we go to visit him during the day and take him meals so that the boys can see him.  It isn't really all that bad, it's just that the Brothers are used to people waiting on them hand and foot and getting to sit on someone's lap 24/7 and have the same 3 books read to them 246540 times ... which leaves little time for things like unpacking and laundry.  Whatever, it'll get done eventually.
  • I don't want to put too much effort into re-programming them, because my parents are coming for a week shortly after Easter.  My Dad tells me frequently that he waited a long time to be able to "mess someone's kid up".  If I didn't know that he was sort-of kidding, I'd lock him out.  Regardless, I'm not trying too hard to get them back into our flow til after my parents leave.
  • Luckily, my parents will be here for Brian's knee surgery.  Yes.  Knee surgery.  Argh.  It's an outpatient procedure, but, well, it's joint surgery.  So 2 extra sets of hands will be incredibly valuable, if not necessary.
  • It's crunch time for school.  I'm deep in the end of the semester slam and I feel so out of touch with friends.  I hate it.  Most days I feel like I don't get a free minute until 11pm.  Hopefully this summer will be a nice break.  
My to-do list is growing daily and I just don't feel like I can keep up.  "Oh shit.  I forgot to do ____."  "I have to remember to do ____."  Deadlines loom and I just keep telling myself to get through it.  Nothing has to be perfect.  

At this point, I'd just settle for being caught up.  

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