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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do yourself a favor and don't tell a twin mom that you "pretty much" had twins.

The boys and I took a walk around the block today.

Like most of our walks around the neighborhood, the Brothers started out in the wagon and Brennan started out walking. By the time we got halfway around the block (you know, about 30 minutes later) I had Beckett  on my hip while Brennan lagged behind pulling the wagon and I chased Kiernan down the sidewalk.  Standard.

Of course a friendly woman decided to stop and marvel at our circus sideshow and reminisce about her own parenting days.  

I answered the standard questions ...

Yes, they're twins.  

No, they're not identical.

No, twins don't really run in the family.  

Yes, they're "natural".  My reproductive system is functioning just fine, thank you.

 Yes, I pushed them out of my vagina.  Both of them.  

Big bro is 22 months older.

Yes, I have my hands full.

This woman was quite friendly, so I obliged.  Always the same questions.  I've gotten used to them.  I'm friendly and for the most part don't mind answering if asked politely.  

Then came something a little different.  

"I have 2 kids.  They're grown now, but they might as well have been twins.  I mean, they pretty much acted like it.  They were just as much work." 

"Really?  So they're close in age?"

"Oh yeah.  52 months apart."

"52 months?"

"Yeah.  About 2 and a half years."


All I could think was, "Wait.  52 months?  No.  Really?  WHAT THE SHIT IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?  She has got to be kidding.  Really?"

Luckily, I just fumbled out something like "Wow.  Um.  Yeah.  Bet that was tough.  Better get these boys home.  Have a nice day." and scurried away.  

Look, I get it.  This isn't a "my life is harder than yours" post.  Having more than one kid is no joke.  I mean, having just one is a lot of work!  And yes, having two kids a year or two apart can make you certifiably insane.    Having a toddler and a newborn is like the ultimate balancing act.  But they aren't twins.  I didn't go around saying that I had triplets when the twins were born and Brennan wasn't quite two.  Because I had 2 newborns and one who could walk.  And talk.  And not wake up during the night.  That's not triplets.  

So no, lady with 2 kids 2.5 years apart, you didn't "pretty much" have twins.  You had normally spaced out children. 

No.  Just ... no.  

I love my beautiful chaos, and I'm sure you loved yours.  But do yourself a favor and don't tell a twin mom that you "pretty much" had twins ever again.  She may be better at finding her words than I am....

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I write for me. 100%. BUT it definitely makes my day when someone tells me that they enjoy reading my blog. Or that they hate it. Whatev.

So don't spare me your words of wisdom, encouragement, or mindless babble. I enjoy it all :)