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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

18 months {Kiernan}.

OK, now that we're all caught up on Mr Beckett, it's time for the lowdown on Kiernan, affectionately known around these parts as the Honey Badger or the Crazy One.  I love writing these posts because it reminds me how completely different these two really are, and how lucky I am to be able to witness how fiercely they love each other.  


Weight: 27 pounds - 75-90th percentile
Length: 35 inches - greater than 98th percentile

Ooooooh this boy.  I'm sure you've heard/seen the popular saying "Boy: a noise with dirt on it".  Well, that describes Kiernan perfectly.  He is loud.  He is dirty.  He is ALL boy.  And he's a crazy boy.

Kiernan's personality is awesome.  And BIG.  I've always said that he feels his emotions very intensely, and this remains true.  He is headstrong and opinionated and wants what he wants when he wants it.  He's not afraid to go head-to-head with his brothers over anything and most often, he wins.  And then he gets in trouble.  And then he flashes that ridiculously cute smile at me and I melt into a puddle of Mommy mush.  That smile is his God-given survival mechanism.

Most days I say that I wish I had just a sliver of the amount of energy that Kiernan has.  He loves to be active and try new things.  He loves to play, climb, and run.  Climbing wall at the park?  He wants to try it himself.  Big slide?  He's trying it ... head first.  Standing on the end table and face planting onto the chair?  He invented the game.  Does that sound familiar at all?  Yep.  He's just like his Daddy.  Kiernan will be the first to climb a tree and the first to break a bone.  I'm calling it now.  

Kiernan is learning a lot of new words lately.  He isn't quite as articulate as Beckett and doesn't have quite as many words in his repertoire yet, but he uses them very well.  It's easy to tell that he enjoys communicating like a big boy.  He can say his own name (which sounds like Keeeeeeen) and Beckett's.  I absolutely love it when he finds his brother and, with a big grin on his face, yells "Beeeeeeeeckttttt!"  Adorable.   

I must say that while Kiernan's vocabulary grows, he's calming down.  He loves to read books.  Loves it.  Loooooooves.  He's often chasing me around with a book in his hand, demanding that I read to him.  And by reading I mean I point to things and ask him what they are, or vice versa.  Coloring, building with blocks, and playing with puzzles will also slow him down.  Kiernan's "I'll try anything and keep trying until I'm good at it" attitude (another thing he gets from his Daddy) is so admirable.  He's a great example for his brother, who inherited Mommy's "I'll watch you do it until I'm confident that I can do it too" attitude.

Kiernan is still quite the big boy compared to other kids his age.  He's still off of the charts for his height and around the 75th percentile for his weight.  He has all 8 front teeth, but the poor guy has been working on his molars for what feels like forever.  The 2 top molars have started to poke through and the bottom ones are huge lumps under his gums.  Sometimes I think that chewing things makes his mouth feel better and that this contributes to the fact that he wants to eat all the time ... other times I think it's just because he's a growing boy!

My "babiest of all the babies", as I call him, is growing up right before my eyes.  Kiernan is wild, but he's also sweet.  And that sweetness just increases with every passing day.  He loves to give sloppy kisses and blow raspberries. He gives the best great big bear hugs and often insists on holding hands with me or his brothers. I told him yesterday that he's not allowed to grow anymore because he fits perfectly in my lap right now.  He looked up at me, smiled and giggled and I was reduced to pile of ovaries, a uterus, and love.

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  1. OMG I equally love him!!! Ahhhh So cute! I really loved these posts, my friend!


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