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Sunday, November 3, 2013

That stride.

This summer Brian and I signed up for a race in our town in FL - the full marathon for him and the half for me.  So I ran once or twice and then moving chaos began and I just kinda fell off the wagon.

Then last week I remembered that I have to run 13.1 miles in a little over 3 months.  Oops.

The first few runs were slow and painful and .... jiggly.  One of the worst things about running when you're overweight is all of the jiggling.  But that's just part of the process.  So I pull on all kinds of compression work out gear and hit the treadmill.

Tonight's run was different.  Tonight I hit that stride.  That stride that almost makes you feel like you could keep running for forever. 

I know.  It sounds batshitcrazy.  But I'll never forget when I felt that feeling during my training for my last half marathon.  It's weird and surreal and incredible.  There's no science to it.  No telling when, or even if, it will come.  Sometimes it just does.  And it pulls you through and makes you feel amazing.  

It's that feeling that has me excited for my next run.  Weird?  Yes.  Necessary?  Yes.  Awesome?  Yes.

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