Friday, January 8, 2016

Project 365: Weeks 39-40

These 2 weeks weren't quite as bad!  I actually took even more photos with my camera, but many of those were taken during Christmas parties and I don't like posting photos of other people's kids online without asking them.  So we'll have to settle for cell phone snaps ;)  

December 12 - Chillin'.

December 13 - Big Lou.

December 14 - Smoothies.

December 15 - Daddy-less dinners are so low maintenance.

December 16 - Nothin'.

December 17 - Computer time at school.

December 18 - Lego Batman.

December 19 - Teamwork.

December 20 - Synchronized watches.

December 21 - This movie is kinda sad.

December 22 - Nothin'.

December 23 - Bubbles!

December 24 - Christmas Eve with Great Grandma.

December 25 - Merry Christmas!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Project 365: Weeks 37-38

Another Project 365 update, another 2 weeks with 1 week worth of photos.  And of course, they're mostly cell phone snaps, because apparently I am afraid of my camera.  Ah well.  

November 28 - Nothin'.

November 29 - Nothin'.

November 30 - Nothin'.

December 1 - Beckett likes to spell his name with lots of e's & E's.  

December 2 - Raphael.

December 3 - Building gingerbread houses at school.

December 4 - Another week, another photo of Kiernan showing off his food.

December 5 - Playing with Uncle Cory's helicopter.

December 6 - Sleepyheads.

December 7 - Apparently he felt "sick".  

December 8 - Nothin'.

December 9 - Nothin'.

December 10 - Nothin'.

December 11 - Nothin'.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Project 365 - Weeks 35-36

Alright, round 2 of Project 365 updates is another combo because I took ever fewer photos during these 2 weeks than the last update.   There aren't many photos, but the faces are as cute as ever!

November 14 - Nothin'.

November 15 - Lego creation photoshoot.

November 16 - Nothin'.

November 17 - Panera date with my little loves.

November 18 - Nothin'.

November 19 - Nothin'.

November 20 - Nothin'.

November 21 - SNOW!

November 22 - Nothin'.

November 23 - Nothin'.

November 24 - Awesome report card = FroYo for dinner.

November 25 - Thankful.  For food.  And shoes.

November 26 - So thankful for these 4.

November 27 - Spiderman helps with countertop refinishing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Project 365: Weeks 33-34

The first of many Project 365 updates, this post includes 2 weeks, since I skipped a lot of days.  And honestly, the majority of photos are cell phone snaps.  They aren't pretty, but they are life!

October 31 - The Ninja Turtles & April.

November 1 - The National Zoo.

November 2 - Jumping.

November 3 - Nothin'.

November 4 - September weather in November.

November 5 - Giant Costco Bears.  

November 6 - Nothin'.

November 7 - Morning snuggles (and Daddy's crazy hair).

November 8 - My life.

November 9 - I have no idea why Kiernan likes to show off his food (or why he likes dry bagels).

November 10 - Ladder climbers.

November 11 - Haulin' in the cans.

November 12 - Nothin'.

November 13 - Kitchen progress and a cute kid.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Apparently I did that thing again where I forget that I have a blog for a month or 2.


I guess it stems from several reasons.

First?  Life.  The Holidays are always an overwhelming season for me.  Not in a bad way, but I find myself feeling the pressure to get things done and wanting spend all kinds of quality time with my boys.

Second ... the kitchen!  We started and finished remodeling the kitchen in about a month.  That is a very very fast kitchen remodel, my friends.  We decided to refinance our home, and that led to the decision that if we put a little money into the kitchen, we would get a bit of a bump on our appraisal.  The kitchen remodel was a giant time suck, but so, so, so worth it.  We are over-the-moon about it.  I'll share photos soon!

And third, I fell into a big fat funk with photography.  We're talkin' falling off the Project 365 wagon. Hard.  It could be my camera, or my lenses, or just me.  But for some reason, I'm just feeling uninspired and not loving anything I shoot.  So I kinda just stopped shooting.  And editing.  My sister got her first DSLR for Christmas, and after helping her learn a few things, I started to re-read the manual for my camera.  I'm not feeling all that inspired yet, but I am trying to embrace the re-set.

This week, I'm going to get some semblance of a Project 365 update together and get the kitchen photographed.  I'm excited to start writing again!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Great Fireplace Remodel: Planked walls, Beam mantels, Built-out surrounds, and all that jazz.

Who's ready for some eye candy?  I finally pulled it together and cleaned up well-enough to snap some photos of the finished fireplace!  Well, it's not completely finished.  I still need to caulk some seams, but it looks done enough for now.  And here it is!

Isn't she lovely?  Before I show you any more, let's take a walk down memory lane.  This is what the house looked like when we signed our offer papers.  Peach.  Green marble.  Shiny fake yellow brass. But that light!  We knew it had potential.

Phase 1 was getting rid of that peach paint and ripping out the carpet.  It was brand new and pretty when we moved in, but the dogs trashed it very, very quickly.

Phase 2 ... we have a new laminate floor!  And curtains!  Those two things alone were a huge improvement, but when I pulled out the fireplace insert to paint over the brass, and then painted over the green marble, the room sky-rocketed out of 1990s and into 2015.  The mirror removal was an interesting process, and made me happy that we were planking above the fireplace instead of trying to perfectly repair all of that drywall.

I took measurements and meshed them with the vision I had stored in my brain in order to draw up the plans.  Brian made a few adjustments that would make the build more practical for himself along the way.

Brian worked so hard on this project.  I am kinda picky about things being just how I planned, and was such a trooper throughout the process.  For example, the mantel.  I wanted it to look like a beam from the front and sides, and he did a beautiful job!  

Eventually I'll share photos and descriptions of the process, but for now, let's all just look at pretty pictures.

I think Brian would say that his hardest task was running all of the wires behind the walls and through the fireplace surround.  I think I'm going to paint this old nightstand from Brian's Grandma that will house the electronics.  It needs a hole cut in the back so that we can actually put the electronics inside, but that'll happen eventually.  

Speaking of things that will happen eventually, we still have some caulking and paint touch-ups to do, but I can live with those for now.  Especially because when you stand back, you notice nothing but the beauty of the overall situation.  

Having the TV mounted on the wall frees up some floor space.  Seating arrangements in this room can sometimes feel tunnel-ish, but with the fireplace finished, the TV above it, and the couch and chairs facing each other, it feels like a cozy place to gather.  

It feels lovely.  And bright.  And cozy.  All of the good things!  It's so nice to have a space in the house that feels like "us".