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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crunch Time

Exactly one week from today, I pick the hubby up from the airport and we begin the rat race that will be our Christmas holiday. I have to have OUR ENTIRE HOUSE packed up, and maybe even some of the furniture moved out with help of our lovely (strong) friends so that we can make sure that the house is empty in time.

Sure, packing, no big deal right? Um, wrong. I can't just pack up our house. I have to pack about a week worth of stuff for Brennan, a suitcase for Mexico for me, a suitcase for me for after Mexico, a few boxes of things we'll need at the temporary house (towels, kitchen stuff, Brennan's stuff), and then all of the rest of our stuff. Then, patch and touch up paint on the walls, install a few window shades/blinds, and clean the house from top to bottom. BAH! This holiday season is gonna be NUTS. I just can't wait for Feburary 1, when we can move into our new house and start to settle in ...

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