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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and so it begins.....

.... my life as a stay-at-home-mom. The house that we're staying in until our house is ready is .... a bachelor pad. In every sense of the words. "Man" decorations, sparse necessities, a little worn down, clean enough, but not overly clean. But the only thing that matters is that it's free. The company's CEO owns the house and interns and new employees stay here until their internship is over or until they get settled in a place of their own. We're so grateful to have had this luxury since October, and especially now that all three of us, plus our three dogs are living here. What a great company to work for, right?

So, we'll be here for about three weeks. On Sunday, we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. On Monday, Brennan woke up early to the dogs barking, so I made Brian's lunch while Brennan happily munched on his breakfast. We played outside in the morning, then came in and played some more. While he napped, I cleaned and organized the kitchen and living room. When he woke up, I cleaned and organized Brennan's room. Then we went outside to play some more. Soon after, Brian was home and it was time to make dinner. Busy busy busy.

Today was not as productive. Major cramps, both front and back, made productivity difficult. So Brennan and I sat outside and played for most of the day. And took the doggies for walks. Walking seemed to help ease the pain, cleaning did not. So we took the doggies on lots and lots of walks. Dinner was frozen pizza. We skyped with the grandmas and now here I sit, blogging instead of being productive. Chowed down on some popcorn and chocolate. Took some motrin. Heading to bed. Hoping tomorrow I can be a bit more productive and accomplish things on my growing list....
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