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Sunday, January 23, 2011

apparently my son is a pretty good kid

We decided last minute on Saturday to try to go out to dinner that night to celebrate our anniversary, which is this Thursday. The question - to take Brennan or not to take Brennan. At home, we would have called one set of parents to babysit, and then the other if they were unavailable, or my sister and her bf if all the grandparents were busy. And if no one was available, we have had unending offers from plenty of other friends and extended family members that er could easily cash in on.

Here's the catch: we don't really KNOW anyone here. At least that's how I felt when we discussed the possibility of calling one of Brian's coworkers to ask. Brian gently reminded me that while I've only been here for two weeks, he's been here for 3 1/2 months and knows his coworkers quite well. He suggested a very sweet couple who happen to be expecting a little boy of their own in May. I've met them both and have plans to have lunch with the mommy-to-be. I also knew that they'd watched her niece and nephew multiple times, so they weren't baby-virgins.

So, I said yes. Brian called, they happily accepted, and paternal that day we packed up Brennan and headed to their place. We had never left him with anyone but our parents or my sisters, so I was nervous about how he'd do. But after giving instructions and kissing him goodbye, we walked out the door. He started to cry and I made myself keep walking. We texted them when we got to the restaurant and they said that he only cried for a minute before deciding to play with his toys.

We were able to relax and enjoy dinner. Two hours, four courses, and probably five pounds later, we headed back to collect our munchkin. He ran to the door when he saw us, which of course melted my heart. They raved about how well he behaved and how much fun he had been and offered to watch him anytime.

It made me feel so lucky to have these wonderful 'ready-made' friends down here. In most other situations it would have taken me months to make friends and more months to feel comfortable enough to leave my child with them. But instead, we walked into a wonderful, accepting family full of warm, welcoming people. We could not be more blessed.

And we found babysitters who watched him and are eager to do it again. Woo hoo!
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