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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

¡Felíz Año Nuevo!

So, after catching up on Christmas and moving posts, I thought I'd write a little bit about our trip to Mexico!

Our flight left early the morning of the 28th. The airport was INSANE, so it took awhile to get checked in and through security. We made a quick stop for coffee & hot chocolate and sat at the gate for a few minutes before boarding the plane. It was the best timing EVER. Our flight was amazingly smooth and I was able to enjoy my new Kindle (yay for parents who still get you good gifts, even when they've spent a small fortune on your child since he was an embryo).

Mexico was unseasonably cool. In fact, they said it was the coldest weather on record for that time of year. But, it was definitely better than the 17° weather we'd left behind! We arrived at the resort, greeted with cold towels, flowers, and fruity drinks the minute we stepped out of the car. Because we had booked a concierge room, we got to skip the boring check-in routine at the desk and sit in a comfy little area where we heard all about the perks we'd receive. Then we were driven (via golfcart) with our bags to our room. The whole resort smelled amazing, our room included. We found a "pillow menu" from which we could choose from various aromatherapy pillows and scents for our room. There was a balcony with ocean view, a jacuzzi tub for two, endless supply of things in the (complementary) mini bar, a bottle of wine, and 4 bottles of liquor. Yeah, you should be jealous.

Oh, but I'm leaving out the best part. When we booked our vacation, the resort was running a promotion in which if you stayed five nights, you'd receive a $1500 credit to spend at the resort. We had the option of using it for a room upgrade, spa services, day trips and excursions, wine upgrades, etc. We couldn't decide whether to upgrade the room to a concierge room or use it for other things. So..... we paid for the upgrade and decided to use the credit for other things. Very out of character for us, but we knew that it would be the last time we took a vacation like this for a very long time, so we decided to just enjoy the heck out of it. (We did not know however, that we would be moving 1000 miles away the same time of year.)

The weather got warmer, we spent tons of time in the sun, enjoyed endless food and drinks, and had LOTS of fun. The $1500 credit provided us with a fun day trip to Tulum and an opportunity to swim with some very sweet dolphin friends, not to mention lots of time in the spa. Mani/pedis, individual massages, chocolate body wraps, and an incredibly romantic couples massage in a private suite. We had an INCREDIBLY amazing time. Of course, we missed Brennan like crazy (and there was no shortage of people making me feel like a terrible mother by telling me that they could never leave their baby for that long) but we enjoyed the time to relax and spend time just the two of us, especially after living separately for so long. It was a tiny bit tough to come back to reality, but the blow was definitely softened knowing that we were returning to our little man!

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