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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'll see you in the morning.

When I was pregnant with Brennan, Brian's Grandma gifted us a book.  It's a little board book called I'll See You in the Morning.  Sweet and simple, it's a comforting little way to say goodnight to a child.

I started reading it to Brennan before bedtime at a very young age, and it kind of just morphed into a song.  It's nothing fancy, and my family can attest to the fact that I don't carry a tune very well, but every night I sing it to my boys before bed.  It's "Mommy's song" and they love it.  Brennan has grown out of it a bit, but the Brothers love it, especially Beckett.

At bedtime, we read a few books and then I turn off the lights and it's time to snuggle and rock.  Sometimes Kiernan gets down and goes to snuggle up in his bed and wait for me to rub his back, but Mr Beckett never leaves.  He turns to face me and puts his head on my shoulder and I begin to sing.  And as I sing each verse, he echoes me.  Sometimes he jumps the gun and says the last word of the line before I get to it.  Other times he says the wrong word and when I sing the right one he just looks up at me with his scrunched up hammy smile and giggles before burying his face in my shoulder.

I'll see you in the morning -- "Morning!"
For now it's time to sleep. -- "Seeeeep!"
I will stay and watch awhile -- "Watch!"
Til you are counting sheep. -- "Seepies!"

Don't be afraid of darkness.  -- "Don't!"
Don't be afraid my sweet. -- "Don't!"
The night is just a blanket -- "Banket!"
That helps the earth to sleep. -- "Hep seeeeep!"

Creatures great and creatures small -- "ceeeeture ceeture!"
Will all be sleeping soon -- "Sooooon!"
Under the same blanket -- "Banket!"
Under the same moon. -- "Moooooon!"

So close your eyes and go to sleep -- "Cose eyes!!"
By the light of the moon above. -- "Moon buv!"
I'll see you in the morning -- "See you!"
In the light of the sun my love. -- "Wuv!"

Dream your dreams of moonbeams. -- "Deem moon!"
Let the night become your friend -- "Fend!"
The twinkling stars will keep you safe -- "Stars!"
Til morning comes again. -- "Gain!"

I'll be here if you need me. -- "Here me!"
I'm only steps away. -- "Way!"
So close your eyes and go to sleep -- "Cose eyes seep!"
And dream of a brand new day. -- "Daaaaaaaay!!!!"
--I'll See You in the Morning, by Mike Jolley

Then we snuggle and hug and he scurries over to lay on his pillow next to his brother.  Kiernan gets excited and yells "Baaaaack!" in anticipation of his impending back rub.  They both tuck their knees under them and stick their sweet bums in the air.  I cover them with their blankies and make sure they each have their lovies and then rub their backs for a few minutes.  Their breathing slows and the chatter stops and I kiss them each softly on the heads and say "Nigh-Night.  Sleep tight."  And without fail, every night, Kiernan looks up and says "Nigh-Night Mommy.  Love you.  Tight!"

It's easily one of my favorite parts of the day.  Because duh.

**Edited to add:  I feel like I must add that while they seem sleepy when I leave the room, 9 times out of 10 they end up running around the room or causing some kind of shenanigans for a little while til they tucker out and submit to sleep.  It usually isn't for too long, but they certainly don't drift off to sleep like angels every night.  Keepin' it real friends.

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  1. Ironically read this book (gifted by you all!) to Miss L last night. Love that it makes me think of you! :)


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