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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mom Mom Mom Mommy Mommy Mommy Mama Mama Mama Mum Mum Mum.

My Mom used to tell us all the time that she was going to change her name.  Not her real name, but the "Mom" title that my sisters and I apparently used too much.  I remember thinking that she was being dramatic.

But now?  I totally get it.  Sorry Mom.

Now that the Brothers' vocabularies are blossoming, I feel like Lois in that episode of Family Guy where Stewie just repeats her name a million times in a row.  You know the one.  In case you aren't the Family Guy type, allow me to enlighten you.  

Yep.  This is my life.  Times 3.

Kiernan has been the worst lately.  For whatever reason he chooses at a particular minute, he repeats my name a million times, wraps his arms around my legs and ducks his head between them so that I cannot move.  It's like some weird sports maneuver or he's trying to climb back up where he came from.  Not happenin' son.

While he sometimes makes me want to scratch out my eyeballs, I have to admit that he can be pretty entertaining.  Like the conversation we had today:

Me: Yes Kiernan? Are you all done with your melon?
Kiernan: Yes. All done. Come.
Me: Alright let me get a washcloth.
Me: I'm right here. You don't need to yell.
Kiernan: Good boy.
Me: ::sigh::

Oh this boy.  He also tried to put me in a timeout today because I wouldn't let him have a cookie.  True story.  

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