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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Navy room color palettes.

We have never really had a finished bedroom.  It's always the last place in the house that I focus on.  But this time, I want to make our space a priority.  So I've been thinking lots and lots about a color scheme for our bedroom, beyond the navy walls of course.  There are so many pretty options out there, and of course the internet is just full of beautiful options!

navy aqua and gold

Navy, turquoise, and gold are kind of the obvious option for me.  I have touches of this color scheme all over my house right now.  It's just kinda my jam.  But I think I'd like to spice things up a little bit for this room and make it feel a bit different.

BSaz Creates - Bedroom Inspiration Board - Navy & Gold Spring Pallet

This is a fun little mashup that I stumbled on over on Pinterest.  It still has the turquoise and gold, but the gold and fuschia kick it up a notch.  It's fun and dramatic.  And that floral print would make a gorgeous wallpaper.  

via Etsy - Gail Wright At Home

There's something really, really pretty about mint green when it's next to navy.  I think it's the juxtaposition between soft and strong that I love so much.  It just makes me ::sigh::   And I LOVE the floral pattern with the coral and yellow thrown in to punch it up a notch.  

I have loved that feather print since the first time I saw it.  It's playful and funky and just fun.  The chartreuse would be a fun change too.  That' s one color I've never thrown into the mix before, and I think it'd be a fun one!  

I'll be honest, none of this will be happening for awhile.  But it'll be fun to transform the space little by little.

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