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Friday, April 24, 2015

Project 365: Week 5.

Apparently this was Mr. Beckett week.  It's funny how some kids are more camera-friendly than others at certain times.  I'm thrilled with my natural light photography.  I'm finally feeling comfortable with a solid exposure triangle, and I think my white balance is getting better.  One thing I was trying to practice this week was low-light photography.  The dentist photo turned out pretty good, but the sleeping photo was not great.  I tried to get away with not using the tripod ... big mistake.  It's something to work on!  

April 18 - Pull-up head.

April 19 - Zoo peacock.

April 20 - Sleepy Beckett.

April 21 - Cleaning the pearly whites.

April 22 - Roses and apples.

April 23 - Cooper got a haircut.

April 24 - At the park.


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