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Monday, May 11, 2015

My Fave Home Decor Blogs {Part 1}.

I love reading home decor and DIY blogs.  Like, realllllllly love.  There are a few that I stalk on the regular because I love them that much.  So I thought I'd make a list of my faves to share.  I think that finding my own style has become easier as I've narrowed in on my favorite bloggers.  There's a little something that I love about each one that jives with the style that I want for my own home.  I mean, there are plenty of design blogs that I love to peruse and find beautiful, but these are some of the bloggers that I would invite over to sip some coffee with and talk design with.  Alright, I suppose I've babbled on enough about my love for them, so here they are...

Bower Power

Oh, Katie.  Katie is my spirit animal.  I mean, I'm sure that a lot of people feel that way, judging from the popularity of her blog.  She's just so sweet and funny and relate-able!  And she's a fellow boy mom, so that helps too.  Did I mention that I adore her style as well?  Because I do!

I love her kitchen.  LOVE, love.  It's just so pretty!  One of the things I love about Katie is that she keeps it real.  She's a busy mama of 3 little boys (soon to be 4) and she doesn't deny that life is stressful.  The first to admit that projects and life can overwhelm her, Katie is not afraid to admit that her laundry room has been a work-in-progress for, well, a long time.  I'm telling you, she's my kinda girl!If you don't read her blog, you should.

The Inspired Room

Melissa from the Inspired Room has a way with words.  Reading her words makes you feel like you can do absolutely anything to your space to make it just lovely.  Her home looks beautiful and attainable.  I've had the pleasure of reading her latest book, Love the Home You Have, which is just endless amounts of inspiring and reassuring words, just like her blog.

Beyond words though, Melissa's home is just beautiful.  Her design style is so light, airy, and effortless.  And yet it just makes sense.  There is nothing about her home that seems like it wouldn't work for your average family.  I could really gush on and on about for days, but I'll spare you.  Just go check out her blog!
via the Inspired Room

Sarah M Dorsey

Alright, so Sarah is nothing short of design genius.  Really.  Her style is funky and fun without being overwhelming.  Sarah was the 2013 winner of Creating with the Stars hosted by East Coast Creative. And she was insanely deserving of the title.  

via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

What I love about Sarah is that she doesn't just design rooms and makeover pieces of furniture.  Sister creates beautiful things.  Browse through her blog and you'll find endless amounts of creative ideas - lights, wall art, things I can't even begin to describe!  I promise, you won't be disappointed.

The Handmade Home

Ashley and Jamin have a really unique style, and it's something that I so admire.  They have transformed their home into a space that works for their family, while being beautiful too.  I love their ability to mix colors without seeming too crazy and distracting.  Also?  I love, love, love that nest picture on their wall.  It's so cute.

One thing I love about the rooms in Ashley and Jamin's home is their ability to make a room convey an emotion.  Their kitchen and home school room are fun and playful.  The master bedroom and bathroom are calm and relaxing.  They have talent, that's for sure.

I have more favorites for you, but this has already turned into a long post, so I'm going to break it up and come back with more favorites later this week.  Enjoy!!!

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