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Friday, May 1, 2015

Project 365: Week 6

I was far, far from consistent this week.  The majority of my photos were taken with my phone because I simply didn't pick up my camera.  But a photo-a-day is a photo-a-day, right?  

April 25 - Switching up the dining room decor.

April 26 - Hanging out with Aunt Shell.
This is horrible quality, but it was the only photo I took all day long!

April 27 - The eggplant painting is coming along.

April 28 - Superheroes watching Superhero Squad.

April 29 - Even superheroes need sleep.

April 30 - Serious face.
Even with blurry cell phone pics, he makes me weak in the knees.

May 1 - Sure Cooper, make yourself right at home on my bed.  

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