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Monday, May 18, 2015

Project 365: Week 8

I took a few really awesome photos this week and a few last minute not-so-wonderful ones.  Ah well. 

One of my faves is Kiernan standing on the back of a fire truck.  We went to a "Touch a Truck" festival and the boys had an amazing time.  I just love, love, love this photo of him, with his sunglasses, fire hat, balloon, and big grin.  Too cute for words.  

My other fave is the black and white photo of Brennan.  I noticed some awesome light coming in the dining room window and asked him to stand next to the window for me.  He informed me that he would not be smiling and would instead use his serious face.  Fine by me, sweet kiddo!  I took a whole slew of cute photos of him, but this was my favorite.  Enjoy!

May 9 - Fireman Kiernan.

May 10 - Frosting fingers.

May 11 - Real life.

May 12 - Tulips.

May 13 - Messing around with the macro.

May 14 - Sweet serious face.

May 15 - Coffee & a good book.

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