Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Fave Home Decor Blogs {Part 2}.

Alright, round 2!  I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my Fave Home Decor Blogs.  I have more eye candy for you today!

Beneath My Heart

Traci from Beneath My Heart seems like one of the sweetest people on earth.  Honestly, she's just someone that I can picture myself meeting for coffee and losing track of time with all of our chatter.  But beyond that, her house is just beautiful.  Traci's style is warm, welcoming, and comfortable.  She has a very talented handy hubby, and the two of them have transformed their home into a really beautiful space.

via Beneath My Heart
via Beneath My Heart

Traci is another fellow boy mom.  One thing I love about her style is that she has created some really awesome spaces for her boys that are really well styled, but also really practical for boys.  The spaces she creates aren't stuffy or over-styled, and they look like they can withstand ... boys.  :)  

via Beneath My Heart

Have you stopped over at Inspired by Charm?  Because Michael's house is adorable.  No, really, adorable.  There is just so much to look at, and yet it's not overwhelming or cluttered in the least.  There's brass and animals and color and greenery and lots of gorgeous white trim, and it all works together beautifully!  

Spring Home Tour | Inspired by Charm
via Inspired by Charm

One of my very favorite parts of his home are the light fixtures.  They're so much fun, and modern without straying from the vintage charm of the house.  And this view from the entryway into Michael's dining room is just awesome.  There are cool tones and warm tones, modern touches with vintage touches, and neutrals with pops of color.  It makes me miss our old house a bit and almost wish that we'd had the guts to paint the wood trim.  Almost.  

Spring Home Tour | Inspired by Charm

I love the idea of being organized.  I'm not very good at keeping things organized, but I want to be.  So when I first stumbled on Jen's blog I was so excited to find someone who could make organizing look easy.  But it turns out that Jen is not only a great organizer, but an awesome designer as well.  She and her hubby recently ripped out a bunch of walls in the main living space of their home and have been transforming it into an even more beautiful space than it was.  Take a peek at her newly revealed living space ...

via iHeart Organizing

Gorgeous, right?  Words cannot describe how much I love it.  The built-ins are classic, the room is mainly neutral, but with lots of pops of color.  It looks so cozy.  Jen is yet another fellow boy mom, and I have a major, major crush on her studio space.  There are just enough feminine touches in there to clearly see her stamp in there, and yet it isn't un-inviting to the men in her life.  So, so pretty!

via iHeart Organizing

Last, but definitely not least, is my very favorite in the history of ever, John & Sherry from Young House Love.  I put them last because they hung up their blogging hats and are no longer updating their blog.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the day they announced their blog hiatus was a supremely sad day.  

via Young House Love

There's something so fun and effortless about their style.  It's my favorite combo of light, bright, and airy with plenty of pops of color.  John & Sherry have redone 2 homes and a model house, and are currently working on their third home.  When you wander through the house tours on their blog, there is just endless amounts of awesome.  

via Young House Love

One thing I love about John & Sherry is that they put a lot of thought into their design choices.  They decorate in stages, by making small changes first that fit their budget and make the house a little more pleasant to live in.  And when they have lived in the home and have the budget, they progress into further remodel stages.  They also keep it real by keeping their kiddos in mind when planning their spaces.  The spaces that John & Sherry create are just wonderful.  I have no better words for it!  

via Young House Love

Welp, that's all I have for you for now!  Do yourself a favor and go scroll through a few of these blogs.  You can thank me later.  :D

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