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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Fun

Hey friends, what's shakin'?

We had a busy holiday weekend.  Brian worked on both of our cars, changing oil and flushing a radiator (whatever that means!) and did lots of baseboard installing.  We installed new flooring in the laundry room and continued to put that back together a bit.  I sanded, primed, and painted the baseboards, and am now in the process of filling nail holes, touching up paint, and caulking seams.  And Brian even tackled our crazy weed jungle of a back patio.  So much productivity!!  All of which I will write about at some point.  Promise.

But we managed to squeeze some fun into the weekend too.  On Wednesday night we took the boys to a local fireworks show.  I decided that I was just going to snap a few photos of the boys and then enjoy the show and not try to photograph the fireworks, so I didn't bring my tripod.

Buuuuuut of course I couldn't help myself and decided to try it anyway.  

You can see the movement of my hands in the shakiness of the fireworks, but I thought they turned out pretty cool otherwise!  The shakiness of it actually adds to the interest, in my own humble opinion.  Next year I'll definitely take my tripod to try to capture them a bit more steadily.

On Friday we had a little cookout and did some fireworks of our own.  The highlight for the boys was throwing poppers all over the deck.  The actual fireworks we did were a little too loud for them.  Brian was like a kid in a candy store while lighting them off, so at least someone had fun!

We spent Saturday, the actual 4th at my aunt's house for my Mom's side of the family annual summer gathering.  As usual, there was a giant amount of delicious food and drink.  And the weather could not have been more perfect!  

Grammy brought playdough and my other aunt brought water squirters for the boys.  They had a blast playing with my cousin's little guy and squirting each other with water.

My aunt lives on a canal off of a small lake, so we took the opportunity to take a family canoe ride.  I won't lie, I was not excited about this at all.  I really, really don't like the unsteadiness of small boats.  I mean, this water was barely even waist deep and I still just hate feeling like I might tip.  But I sucked it up for all 4 of my boys ... and my shoulders paid for it dearly the next day.  Felt the burn!  Also?  Getting into and out of a canoe in a dress is not an easy thing.  

In case you were wondering.  

It was such a fun long weekend with my boys that I am shocked how much work we accomplished on top of it.  If only Brian could take 4-day weekends more often!  ;)

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