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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Project 365: Week 18

Only 2 photos with my DSLR this week ... all of the others are cell phone snaps (and one screen shot).  Apparently, I was slacking.  I think that sometimes I take so many photos during a few shoots that I burn out a bit. I think that maybe fewer, more well-thought-out photos are in order!

July 18 - My sweet nephew.

July 19 - Father/Son moment on the rooftop.

July 20 - Cell phone snap - Playing doctor.

July 21 - Cell phone snap - pretty pink blooms.

July 22 - A screenshot of Melissa's beautiful entryway - The only "photo" I took that day.

July 23 - Cell phone snap - Grammy's house was apparently exhausting.

July 24 - Cell phone snap - My perfect peekaboo

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